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Biographie The Simple Kids Bike Size Guide

Finding the right size bike for your kid is crucial. A poorly fitting bike can lead to pain whilst riding, ultimately making cycling a horrible experience for any youngster.

Getting to grips with and learning to cycle is hard enough, so a properly sized bike will allow them to focus on developing their cycling skills whilst enjoying their time on two wheels.

Fortunately, I’ve put together this kids bike size guide so that you can quickly determine what size bike your child requires.

Keep reading, and you’ll learn precisely how to choose the right size bike for a child, along with many other helpful bike sizing tips.

The age at which a child can start riding a bike varies. Some children develop their balancing skills sooner than others, but the sooner your child starts learning to ride a bike, the sooner they’ll master the skills needed to cycle without support.

On average, children between the ages of 3 and 8 can start riding a bike. As they spend more time on two wheels, they’ll become more confident, eventually being able to cycle without stabilisers or other support.

Note that the 3-8 age range is average. However, some children may take to two wheels before the age of three, and some may require a little longer to build the confidence to try cycling.

If your child wants to start cycling at an earlier age, a balance bike can be a great way to build confidence for children as young as 18 months!

Otherwise, if your child is ready to ride a pedal bike, they may benefit from using training wheels (stabilisers) to help them balance.

Now that we’ve covered the best age to start cycling let’s look at how to properly measure kids bike sizes.

If your child needs a new bike, you’ll need to measure their inseam and height to determine the best size bike for them.

Age can also be used to find a kids bike size, but this is a less accurate sizing method.

Unlike adult bikes, kids bikes are measured by the wheel size, not the frame size, don’t get the two mixed up, or you’ll end up with the wrong size bike!

Just before we get into the nitty-gritty, I wanted to let you know two essential rules when choosing a bike size for a child:

A kid’s inseam measurement is the length of their inside leg, from the top of their crotch to the ground.

The inseam measurement determines how tall a bike needs to be for a rider to touch the ground with their feet whilst sitting on the bike seat.

The short steps below will talk you through the most accurate way to measure a child’s inseam for a bike.

Have the child stand with their shoes on and back to a wall, feet shoulder-width apart.

Take a sturdy book and place the book as high as comfortable possible between their legs, with the book’s spine pressed flat against the wall.

Whilst holding the book firmly in place, ask the kid to step away from the wall.

Using a measuring tape, measure the distance between the top of the book and the ground.

This length is your inseam. Take note of it to avoid having to remeasure.

Commonly used commercial gym equipment

These days, being physically fit entitles you to feel proud of yourself for being healthy and impenetrable to any illness. Working out with commercial gym equipment is one good way to maintain overall body health as exercise has been scientifically proven for its health and psychological benefits.

A spacious area equipped with complete commercial gym equipment and continuous support from expert trainers, exercising in commercial fitness centers will surely help you achieve the body you’ve been hoping for —toned muscles, six-pack abs, and enhanced power, stamina, and endurance.

Each person has a definite reason why he or she works out in a gym. It’s really up to you to decide on the specific muscle groups in your body that you want to target for your exercise.

For your guide, here is the most commonly used commercial gym equipment that you can choose from in case you want to enroll in a commercial gym membership:

1. Training bench

A basic but multi-purpose training bench is a must-have in your gym. Definitely suitable for beginners, the training bench is a diverse piece of equipment that serves its purpose for seniors and young athletes as well. It is used for performing weight training exercises or even sit-ups.

2. Dumbbell set

Also an important necessity for beginners, young athletes, and seniors. The dumbbell set should range from light to heavy in order to accommodate everyone. Dumbbells come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials these days, from plastic-coated to colorful to straight-up metal, so take your pick. Get a set with a rack and save time and space, too.

3. Treadmill

Treadmill is one of the widely popular commercial gym equipment. This equipment offers a great warm-up exercise before you indulge yourself in hardcore, and more muscle and bone-stressing exercise machine. If you just want to shed off some weight and burn extra calories, this gym equipment will do the trick.

4. Stationary Bikes

This is a good alternative for outdoor biking. Burning your calories and getting an overall workout, you can have it all when you use this commercial gym equipment. Not only is it safe because you get to exercise indoors, but stationary bikes are relatively easy to operate.

5. Free weights

Barbells and kettleballs are some of the examples. This commercial gym equipment enables you to do full range of motion exercise while utilizing your upper muscles.

6. Rowing Machines

This gym equipment enhances your flexibility and versatility. Since it utilizes both the upper (when you glide and pull the machine) and lower (the rower itself) muscles, this commercial gym equipment delivers an overall body workout.

HIKING VS TREKKING: Learn the difference between hiking and trekking

Trekking and hiking are oftentimes used as synonyms, but is that correct? If you can’t answer with certainty, continue reading. Learn about hiking vs trekking and back up your enthusiasm for the outdoors with knowledge of the terms.

Hiking and trekking, two activities that most adventurers deeply enjoy. The two terms are used online interchangeably, as though it’s the same thing. But is it?

Not at all! Turns out, these are two very different activities. To clear things up, we crafted this hiking vs. trekking guide. In this guide, we’ll cover:

Hiking involves a long energetic walk in a natural environment on hiking trails or footpaths for a day or overnight.

Trekking involves a long vigorous hike in wild natural environment for multiple days. It can be done off hiking trails.

As well as fun and riveting, hiking and trekking can improve your mental and physical health. Here are just a few benefits of hiking and trekking:


Hiking and trekking are both amazing for your health!

A study conducted by the CDC recommends that you walk at least an hour a day, five days a week. This reduces the risk of you having a stroke in half! Hiking and trekking regularly improves your heart and blood pressure, minimizing the chance of stroke.

Keep that blood pumping!


These activities do amazing things to your muscles. Build up strength in your thighs, lower leg muscles, hip muscles and hamstrings. It also builds your endurance. Hiking and trekking are both weight-bearing exercises, which build up bone density. Trekking also boosts your core strength as you hike with a heavy backpack.

The more you do, the more your overall strength and fitness improves.


Get away from the stress of everyday life and escape to the outdoors. Stress, depression and anxiety have a way of building up when you’re cooped up indoors too long. Hitting the trail helps to put your life in perspective and take your mind off your worries.

The world around you has a way of demanding your attention, which can ease any stress you may have built up.

Can Too Many Massages Be Harmful to Your Health?

For so many of us, a massage is an incredible way to relax, destress and give some much-needed attention to our hardworking bodies. It’s a method for healing and nurturing injuries and strained parts of our musculoskeletal system.

If you’ve been to see a licensed massage therapist, they may have given you a suggestion for when you should see them again. Depending on what you’re seeing them for, they could recommend multiple visits a week, once every six weeks or anywhere in between.

But have you wondered: Is too much massage harmful? Here’s what you should know.

How Often Should You Receive Massage Therapy?

Before we get into answering the question “is too much massage harmful,” it’s helpful to understand how often you can get a massage.

The frequency in regards to how often you should get certain types of massage usually relates to what you’re treating and how you’re treating it, but also your medical health.

Certain conditions mean that you need to wait longer between massages, while others — mostly pain management-related — can be a good reason to have them more frequently.

The Best Portable Grills, According to Food Network Kitchen

Whether you’re a camper, tailgater or picnicker who’s not satisfied with cold sandwiches, a portable grill makes it easy to cook hearty meals away from home. There’s a wide range of portable grill options, including models that are small enough to slip into a tote bag and others that are sturdier and better at handling more than just hot dogs and burgers. But portable grills are not just for on-the-go grilling — you might want to select one of these models to use in your backyard or terrace if you want a grill that doesn’t take up too much room. We rounded up our top selections that include the best grills for all kinds of travelers and grillers.

Just like larger grills, these models are powered by either gas or charcoal. In addition to the weight of the grill, you should also factor in the weight of a bag of charcoal or a tank of charcoal to take with you. Portable gas grills work will small, one-pound propane tanks that provide enough fuel for about two hours; some can be used with a hose adapter to connect to a larger tank. If you’re going on a camping trip with a propane grill, you will need to bring enough gas or have a source for more gas for more than one meal.

How portable is it? In addition how heavy it is, check to see if the grill folds up into a compact package. Also look into how easily it can be assembled when you get to your picnic or camp site.

What do you plan to cook? If your idea of a cookout consists of burgers, brats and perhaps steaks, a small grill with a low cover will more than meet your needs. But, if you want to prepare a gourmet meal at the beach or in the park, you’ll want one with a lid that’s tall enough to give you room to cook chicken or a small roast.

Construction: Just like a larger grill, a portable one shouldn’t be able to tip over easily. It should sit solidly whether it will be used on a table or the ground or sits on a stand. Give it a push to check for stability. 
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