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Biographie Among all the sofa types, the fabric sofa seems to pay more attention to the harmony between practicality and beauty. The simple and elegant aristocratic atmosphere allows people to enjoy a different aristocratic life in their spare time. A fabric sofa with a unique style, fabric and comfortable sitting feels like a master who can feel the warmth of the wind blowing in it, making romance and elegance bloom in peace. Therefore, with the chasing of the simple and practical home style more and more fierce, the fabric sofa has once become a good heart. Below are the three most common sofa fabric features in fabric sofas.

Cotton sofa

The fabric sofa of pure cotton fabric is environmentally friendly and comfortable. This type of sofa is soft, breathable, natural and environmentally friendly, and is very close to the skin. It is the most popular model in the market. The rustic style is most used in cotton sofas. Its characteristics are cheaper price, the most color, but the elasticity is poor, easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, less wearable. During the nursing process, it should be noted that the sofa can be hand-washed or machine-washed, and the ironing step is essential after drying. In order to avoid shrinkage, it is best to send it to a professional washing shop for dry cleaning, which can effectively reduce the risk of shrinkage deformation. In daily situations, vacuum once every two months. In addition, we must pay attention to the purchase process, generally the player feels soft and thick, and the color is natural and uniform. Pull out the thread of the cloth and burn it with fire. It can be turned into ash and has no good quality.

Flannel sofa

The fabric sofa of the flannel fabric is soft and delicate. Like the fur of a small animal, the fabric sofa of the flannel gives the most impressive impression of its super delicate and gentle touch. From the corduroy of the past to the current suede, the flannel sofa has changed its identity in the glamorous and elegant. Compared with other fabrics, the velvet sofa is expensive, and the best flannel is 500 yuan/meter. The characteristics of this kind of sofa are that it has a stylish appearance, good color rendering effect, dustproof, anti-fouling, etc., but it is easy to generate static electricity. In the purchase process, the player should be as gentle and smooth as possible, with uniform color, good gloss and strong overall feeling. If it is a long flannel, it can be touched back and forth by hand, so that it has no obvious discoloration and whitening. The short fluff is the denser the better, the thicker the better.

Burlap sofa

Everyone who has used it knows that the fabric sofa of burlap fabric is warm in winter and cool in summer, and its most fascinating place is its good thermal conductivity. Even if it is hot in summer, the owner does not have to worry about sweating and slimy. The texture of the burlap sofa is tight and soft, moderately soft and hard, with a simple and natural temperament. The biggest feature of the burlap sofa is that it is relatively wear-resistant, not easy to pleat, does not fade, does not lend, does not generate static electricity, and does not mold in wet places. In the process of purchasing a linen sofa, it should be noted whether the surface is flat, whether there is a thread or an interface, which is a key indicator of the quality of the linen. If you want a softer linen sofa, you can choose a cotton-padded sofa with a high cotton content.

Except for what mentioned above, there are also suede sofa fabric, velvet sofa fabric, chenille sofa fabric, woven sofa fabric, PU sofa fabric, PVC sofa fabric, etc. In addition, there is a kind of leather look sofa fabric combined with sofa, which can also be attributed to a kind of fabric sofa. At present, with the rapid change of sofa style, they have also begun to reach the forefront of consumption. It can even be said that the design of the leather sofa combined with the sofa is more humanized, and it also provides more convenience for the cleaning and care of the sofa. 
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